Contracts and Lifecycle


Contracts represent an on-chain agreement between a client and a data provider outlining the terms by which the client can consume API services offered by the provider.

Contract types

Contracts can be of two types: subscription, or pay-as-you-go. Subscription contracts are for clients that wish to pay a fixed rate per block. Pay-as-you-go contracts are for clients that wish to pay a fixed rate for each API request they make.

Subscription contracts

Clients who would like to open a subscription contract must specify the duration of the contract in blocks. They should also include the number of query-per-minute to inform the data provider of the expected rate limit. The client will deposit the amount of ARKEO (or other IBC asset) tokens equal to the subscription rate multiplied by the duration and queries per minute of the contract. The client will be charged the subscription rate for each block that the contract is active. Subscription contracts can be cancelled at any time by the client. The client will be refunded the remaining pro-rated deposit and the contract will be closed. Upon expiration or cancellation of the contract, the provider will receive their full or pro-rated payment.

Pay-as-you-go contracts

Clients who would like to open a pay-as-you-go contract will specify a deposit amount that is debited from their usage. The client will be charged the pay-as-you-go rate for each API request they make. API requests are made off chain, but require the client to sign a message which includes a nonce to authenticate their request. These signed messages can be submitted on-chain as a proof of usage at any time and will accordingly debit the deposit amount of the Client and credit the provider. Pay-as-you-go contracts also entail an optional settlement period after the contract expires during which the final claims against a deposit can be made before unused funds are returned to the client. The duration of this settlement period is specified by the provider and agreed to in the OpenContract call by the client. NOTE Clients cannot cancel this contracts and have to wait for them to expire, while data provider can cancel these contract at any time.

Delegating the use of a contract

Clients can delegate the ability to spend the contract deposit to a different client. This is useful for clients who wish to allow a separate private key to make API requests instead of the private key that opened the contract. The client can delegate the contract to a different private key by specifying the public key of the client they wish to delegate to in the Delegate field of the OpenContract call. We refer to the delegate if it exists or the client as the Spender of the contract.

Claiming income from a contract

Pay-as-you-go contracts require a call to ClaimContractIncome in order for the off-chain proof of usage to be reconciled on chain. Anyone can submit these claims on behalf of the provider. The provider will be credited the amount of tokens specified by the contract usage and the client will be debited the same amount from their deposit.

Contract uniqueness

At any one time, a single client (or delegate) can only have one open contract against a provider for a specific API service.

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